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A modern way to remind someone to have an STD test

One of the biggest problems with sexually transmitted infections is that they often don't cause any red flag symptoms in infected individuals.

For instance, common signs of syphilis include a small, painless sore, enlarged lymph nodes, fever, fatigue and a rash. However, not all individuals will experience tell-tale symptoms and may attribute the way they feel to something else, like a bout of the flu. 

Additionally, symptoms don't always show up right away. People who contract syphilis may not have any signs of the infection until as many as three months after they've been infected. However, they may unknowingly pass along the STI to others in the meantime.

Websites like allow individuals who know they have an STI to anonymously contact past partners, but the reminder may be too late for some. 

Now, people can help friends, partners or other acquaintances remember to get tested by sending an electronic card. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers various free ecards to remind recipients to get tested for an STI. There are a variety of designs and messages ranging from a simple, "I got tested, did you?" to cards that cite specific statistics on infections. also offers free ecards aimed at encouraging individuals to get an HIV test

People of all ages are encouraged to speak with their doctors about how often they should be screened for STIs.