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Testosterone makes the man?

Relationships and testosterone

How does having a long-term partner affect hormone levels? Testosterone. It’s what makes men, well, men…in part, anyway. It deepens our voices, grows the Adam’s apple, increases muscle mass and strength, and increases hair over the entirety of the body. … Read more

by Helga Weber

16 and (not) pregnant

World Contraception Day calls attention to birth control and STD prevention Do you ever get sucked into reality TV shows, almost against your will? It happens to me from time to time, most recently with MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. If … Read more


Aging and HIV/AIDS

Why HIV testing makes sense for Boomers Despite our collective efforts to take care of ourselves as we age, it turns out that people 50 and older may be missing an important step in staying healthy: HIV testing. That’s what … Read more