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Monthly Archives: September 2011


Aging and HIV/AIDS

Why HIV testing makes sense for Boomers Despite our collective efforts to take care of ourselves as we age, it turns out that people 50 and older may be missing an important step in staying healthy: HIV testing. That’s what … Read more

Are women kinder and better looking when ovulating?

Are women warmer when they’re most fertile? What’s the opposite of premenstrual syndrome or PMS (now called PMDD for premenstrual mood dysphoric disorder) in which some women are prone to irritability, tiredness, depression and other symptoms?

Emery Co. Photo

Myths, facts and what you need to know We all know that pregnancy is a time of physical and psychological changes that also affect sexuality and sexual activity. Physical changes ⎼ from morning sickness to awkward bulkiness ⎼ may inhibit … Read more