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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Orgasm Inc. Film Review by Mitch Tepper

Orgasm Inc.

Documentary explores the influence of Big Pharma on the “science” behind women’s sexual pleasure Orgasm Inc. is a documentary about the medicalization of women’s common sexual problems and concerns. Liz Canner, a filmmaker with a track record for making hardcore documentaries about … Read more

future of condoms

 Makers of new condoms tout improved safety, pleasure Did you know that latex condoms were first introduced in 1920? It would seem that we’re due for an upgrade… Indeed, three patent-pending condoms currently in U.S. clinical trials may reshape the … Read more

STD Awareness Month

Calendar picture from Flickr user DafneCholet via CC 2.0

When it comes to STD testing, timing matters This week, a patient asked about STD testing. He said he’d been with one new partner since I last saw him for testing…but in between his three sexual encounters with that one … Read more