STD basics

Signs and symptoms of STDs

Many sexually transmitted infections are "silent." That is, they have no least not right away. And when symptoms are present (e.g., sores, bumps, painful urination, discharges, bleeding, fever, etc.), they may resemble those of other conditions, which means that proper diagnosis and treatment is often delayed.

Our STD Guides can help you know what to look for...including an overview of risk factors, symptoms, complications, testing and treatment for:

Lisa Oldson, MD

STD expert

"The first thing I tell a patient about STDs is that if you're worried about one STD, you should probably worry about all STDs. In other words, if you had unprotected sex and you're worried about a possible HIV exposure, it's important to understand that hepatitis can be spread in the same fashion...ditto for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes and syphilis."

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